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about us.

Scudo® is a pioneering company involved in the design and manufacture of lightning and surge protection devices, and is a leading Malaysia player in this sector. Scudo does also provide consulting services and customized solutions.

Our mission is to protect millions of businesses, households and organizations from lightning & surge damages. Inspired and encouraged by this mission, we are doing things differently than many of our competitors.

Be prepared & stay safe !


Our Projet References.

We understand your requirement and provide quality works.
Nirwana Memorial Park
Muda Holdings Berhad
Department of Civil Aviation
Air Selangor
Dpstar Group
GP Batteries
Universiti Tenaga Nasional
Majlis Per. Selayang
Tenby International School
DP Controls
Telekom Malaysia
SKID Systems Engineering
Malaysian SH Electronics
XFAB Sarawak
Biocon Malaysia
Kemuning Aman Apt.
StageTec Asia
Promix Studio
Sernta Elevator
International Shipcare
Ai System Engineering
Tunku Abdul Rahman University College


Thunderstorm days a year


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Fatalities Reported


Risk Assessment.

We understand your requirements and Scudo help you to protect it.

Simplified Risk Assessment

This assessment fills the requirements of many jurisdictions for evaluating the need for a lightning protection system on a particular structure.


Detailed Risk Assessment

The detailed risk assessment accounts for factors including all incoming and outgoing utilities to a given structure, coordinated installation of surge protective devices (SPD), cable shielding and bonding, and the facility grounding topology, among others.


Lightning Risk Assessment

Chartered engineers perform the calculations detailed in the IEC’s risk assessment procedure to evaluate the lightning risk to structures and personnel.


Why Risk Assessment Important ?

  • Incorporate appropriate lightning protection, shielding, bonding and grounding
  • Accurately evaluate the effectiveness of existing lightning protection systems
  • Determine the probability at which high-valued assets will be exposed to direct lightning strikes
  • Evaluate risk to personnel in locations where they might be exposed to thunderstorm conditions and design an effective lightning-safety plan for impacted personnel while maximizing productivity

Meet the Family.

Discover complete range of Scudo SPDs to fit any protection that you required.

  • TT - ThunderTrap
  • P - Pluggable
  • B - Class B (Type I)
  • C - Class C (Type II)
  • D - Class D (Type III)
  • E - Class E (Type IV)
  • V - Voltage
  • PVS - PhotoVoltaic System
  • WS - Wind System
  • DS - DC Power Supply
  • MG - MOV + Gas discharge tube
SPD for IT System

  • TS - ThunderShield
  • L - Lightning Current 10/350μs
  • S - Surge Current 8/20μs
  • C - Common Mode
  • D - Differential Mode
  • C...L - Common Mode...Inductive
  • D...R - Differential Mode...Resistive
  • NP - Net Protection
  • PoE - PoE Interface
  • RJ45 - RJ45 Connection
  • RJ11 - RJ11 Connection
  • BNC - BNC Connection
  • DSub - DSub Connection
  • V - Video
Lightning,Earthing Solution

  • Impulse Counter
  • Isolating Spark Gaps
  • Equipotential Bonding Bar
  • Connection Braid
  • Conductor Fastener
  • Air Terminal
  • Earthing Terminal
  • Earthing Inspection Box

Why Select Scudo® ?

We understand your requirement and provide quality products & works.

Quality is a prerequisite in all areas of the organization: design, manufacture and service. We take care of all the details in order to provide products that fully satisfy our customers’ needs.


We offer a 10 years warranty period to minimize your losses & maximize your safety ! 

Total Lightning &
Surge Protection

We are one-stop lightning protection and nuisance tripping specialist. We are the key solution provider for your lightning protection needs.


We innovate in order to offer protection for the new technology sectors, providing specific solutions for any type of application


We promise to deliver & complete the job on time to maximize your safety.


We have decades of experience helping customers across a variety of industries uncover their exposure risks and put a plan in place to combat equipment failure because of surge damage.

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